about michelle

My mission is to provide portraits for people who are done hanging cheezy pictures of themselves on their walls like the one above – that is me, by the way,  in our church directory picture, with my husband Eric and my 3 adorable girls who, under normal circumstances, don’t wear giant red bows*.  So, don’t worry, no feelings or animals were hurt in the taking of this picture =)
*unless they are 4 and love said bow and wear it to sunday school and preschool all the time

Here is what my family really looks like:

And here are some random facts about me:

- My favorite color is green, but if leopard were a color it would for sure be that.

-My favorite movie is Fletch. But Dumb and Dumber, The Jerk, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Nacho Libre are very close seconds. I quote these movies daily and if you see something on my blog that sounds strange, it’s probably a movie quote =)

- I wake Eric up at least twice a month screaming that I’m choking on a spider that has crawled down my throat (he doesn’t even sit up anymore, he used to humor me and look in my throat)

-When I was 4 I told my mom that I want to be a waitress and a garbage truck driver when I grow up….and now that I’m a mom, I got my wish =)

-I would so much rather sit on the sofa and eat a box of thin mints than do any sort of exercise.  But I do enjoy kayaking, hiking and toilet papering.

- I have never received a moving violation……. but I have my fair share of parking tickets. I probably have a warrant out for my arrest. I got the most parking tickets when we first moved into our house. I was on bedrest while pregnant with Gretta and I was too lazy to get up and move my car. I got one almost weekly.

- I got married at 17, 2 weeks after I graduated from high school. I turned 18 a month later…….don’t ask

- Some things I want accomplish in my life are: go on a missions trip – I would love to go to Mexico and help build homes or help in an orphanage. Learn archery, learn to appreciate and even like wine, be able to read Christian Classics like The Screwtape Letters and Mere Christianity (I start them, but I can never seem to finish them)