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    I believe that we are all created in the image of God, and that means that we are all works of art!
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Littlest Warrior Apparel // T-Shirts for kids with Down Syndrome and other special needs

Hey Everyone! I’m starting a t-shirt line for babies and kids with special needs inspired by my littlest warrior! Please follow me on Instagram!


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My Family

Last week we went on a whirlwind road trip to the Grand Canyon for one night and back again the next day. On our way home we stopped in Joshua Tree for a photo shoot with the trusty old tripod and self timer =)

Holiday Mini Sessions // again!

Eli’s heart surgery went well and maybe one day I’ll blog about it, but we just got home today and I’m tired. As promised to several people, I am doing mini sessions again =)

Here a few of my favorites from the mini sessions a couple weeks ago

Here are the details:

Sunday October 19th

I have the following times open:

4:10 // 4:30 // 4:50 // 5:10 // 5:30

$175 Session includes:

15 minute session in Orange, CA (same location pictured above)

DVD with all images (approximately 150-175)

Please use the Buy Now button below to pay and reserve your spot. Time choice will be given in payment order received. After I receive your payment, I will email you to set your time slot and I will give you the location address =)

Freedom Movement

One of the ministries I am involved with is Freedom Movement. Our tagline says it all:

We are REAL WOMEN with real stories

Our message is simple: freedom from false identity

Our method: reaching out through events, workshops and conferences

We started about a year ago just a few of us and we’ve grown to a large group of women who have spent countless hours (with no pay haha!) to create The Freedom Movement. I love these women so much and I love seeing their journey to freedom in Christ. We’ve had several events already. My amazing friend Karrie has an awesome story and she shares parts of her testimony which she calls Victim to Victory at these events.

We are having our first ever workshop and I would love to see you there! It’s called Relabel and it’s all about removing the labels and lies that we tell ourselves or have let other people tell us. It’s on October 18th in Orange County and you can sign up on our website:


Also, check out our blog and you can read my story about facing my fears with everything that has happened so far with Eli.

One of the things that we have done is called Freedom Expressions. It’s artwork that women have created to express their freedom. I took images of several women on our team for my freedom expression, here is one of them:


Holiday Mini-Sessions!!!!!!!!!

I’ve had several people email me lately asking if I will be doing mini-sessions this year.  Well, Eli’s surgery date just got pushed back 2 weeks which means I have 2 weekends free!

The dates for mini sessions are:

Sunday September 21st

and Saturday September 27th

I have the following times open for both days:

5:15 // 5:35 // 5:55 // 6:15 

$175 Session includes:

15 minute session in Orange, CA (same location pictured above)

DVD with all images (approximately 150-175)

Please use the Buy Now button below to pay and reserve your spot. Date and time choice will be given in payment order received. After I receive your payment, I will email you to set your date and time slot and I will give you the location address :)

Pre-op Family Session

Eli is going to have open heart surgery this week to repair his Complete AV Canal defect. So we did a quick family session today =)

September 8, 2014 - 7:03 am

Sharon Sullivan - What, what, WHAT can I say? Looking at these so fills me with me emotion. As my neighbor said after seeing Eli – “he is like the sweetest of dreams”. I so adore that little boy. Every one of these pictures is precious. I’m especially moved by the one with Roxanne, and where he’s smiling right at you.. It feels like my arms and legs are even smiling when I look at those. But, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh that ‘pout’ shot!! You KNOW how I feel about that pout! I swear no baby has ever had a cuter, more endearing pout ever in the history of mankind! Love the one with Eric too. Again Michelle… they’re all such beautiful photos and I’m so glad you took them. I’ll be looking at them a lot during the coming week.

September 8, 2014 - 7:25 am

Sharon Sullivan - Oops, forgot to mention in my below comment how much I love Eli’s outfit. Too cute. He just always has me completely mesmerized!

September 8, 2014 - 10:37 am

Mary Nadeau Taylor - I miss you all so much. Everyone here is praying for Eli. Please send me the pic of all of you so I can have it enlarged. I love you all

September 8, 2014 - 3:56 pm

Heather Avis - these are the best. He is amazing, reminds me so much of m August, especially the pouty lip! Praying for you guys this week. He’s gunna rock it and God’s got this.

September 9, 2014 - 5:00 am

Hope Espinoza Tarrant - Praying for the Sullivan family this week! The Throne room will be overflowing with prayers for your son <3. Such precious images.

September 9, 2014 - 6:50 am

Christi Carlson - Beautiful Michelle.

October 13, 2014 - 8:01 pm

Randi Voelker-Vandagriff - Oh my goodness Michelle. He is adorable, got the chills! Your family is so amazing!

Tween Room on a budget!!!!

You guys! I just booked my first 2015 wedding! I’m so excited to start working again, but until I have engagement pictures to post, I will continue to fill my blog with pictures from my house because I pretty much never leave unless it’s for a dr appt……cabin fever anyone?

My youngest girls are 9 and 12 and they really wanted a new room and I couldn’t blame them since the room they share used to be their older sisters room from when she was two.

And since I took the year off from work to care for Eli and because medical bills are not cheap, I had to get real creative. I don’t have a great before pic of the whole room, but I love this picture from when my oldest two used to play pretend with the boys next door everyday and you can see the awesome Martha Stewart circa 2000 inspired walls – which I painted one by one when I was 9 months pregnant :)

And here is the room after:

Most of the furniture was already in their room including the beds – one was mine from when I was little and the other was a $10 estate sale score. We painted them green to match years ago. I almost painted them white, but I was lazy and I still really like the green. Plus the green lamp was already in there and I didn’t want to paint it, I think it’s perfect the way it is. The only things I added were pieces from other parts of the house that I repurposed.

The coral cabinet used to be black and was hidden in a closet. I originally bought it at goodwill for $15

The desk built for two is from Ikea and it used to be my office desk

The pink chairs are from Ikea

The gallery wall was created using the girls artwork and I love the one Daphne made right after Rox was born of the three of them. I framed all the art with super cheap Ikea frames –  $4 each. And the Funny Girl poster was bought on ebay. The frame it’s in was repurposed and spray painted gold

The rug is from RugsUSA and I got it 70% off

The gold lamps on the nightstand were already in the room, I just gave them a new life with a can of gold spray paint

The cute dog was a gift (and free!)

The sputnick chandelier was something I bought a few years ago for my family room but it never made it out of the box. It was also silver before and I love the way the gold looks!

The mirror and wall clock were cheap finds at Home Goods

The duvet covers are originally from Urban Outfitters but I didn’t want to pay full price so I looked on ebay and we couldn’t find two of the same. So I bought two different twin duvets and a friend took them apart and made two reversible duvets so they match – does that make sense? I think I’m confused now…anyway, it was cheap :)

The curtains are from Target and the curtain rods are the super cheap ones from Ikea

The throw pillows are from Ross and the shams are pillow cases from Target on clearance

Thanks for still reading my blog haha!

August 31, 2014 - 6:42 pm

Sharon Sullivan - Wow, wow and wow! How did you ever manage to magically photoshop such a mess into such a neat and tidy thing of beauty?! Never thought it was possible ;) The room is so absolutely lovely, to say the least. It still makes me sick to know how little you paid for those white Ikea frames.